STG11 Polished

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Introducing Independent STG 11 Polished Skateboard Trucks – the epitome of performance and style for your skateboard. Crafted by Independent, these trucks redefine control and precision in skateboarding.

Three Sizes, One Choice: The Independent STG 11 Polished Skateboard Trucks come in three sizes: 139, 144, and 149. Choose the perfect fit to match your style and riding preferences.

Polished Excellence: With a polished finish, these trucks not only perform exceptionally but also shine as a mark of quality. It's not just about the ride; it's about the aesthetics too.

Low Profile, High Performance: Designed with a low profile, these trucks offer unparalleled control and responsiveness, elevating your skateboarding experience to new heights.

Built by Independent: Crafted by the trusted brand Independent, these trucks are a testament to precision engineering and quality craftsmanship, ensuring optimal performance.

Unleash Your Ride: Elevate your skateboard setup with Independent STG 11 Polished Skateboard Trucks. Whether you're carving, cruising, or landing tricks, these trucks provide the foundation for an exceptional ride.

Enhance Your Performance: Redefine your skateboarding performance with Independent STG 11 Polished Skateboard Trucks. With options for different sizes, a polished finish, and the reliability of Independent, these trucks set the stage for your best rides yet.