Lightning Griptape

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Introducing the Tilt Lightning Griptape – a game-changer in scooter control and grip. Crafted by Tilt Scooter, this griptape isn't just an accessory; it's an essential component for a confident and controlled ride.

Fine Grit Control: The Tilt Lightning Griptape features No. 80 fine grit, offering superior traction and control. It's not just griptape; it's the foundation for safe and precise scooter maneuvers.

Optimal Size: Sized at 7.0 x 24.0", this griptape ensures full coverage and an ideal fit for your scooter deck. It's not just about grip; it's about the perfect dimensions for your ride.

Tilt Quality: Crafted by Tilt Scooter, a brand that prioritizes innovation, this griptape guarantees durability and the grip needed to master tricks and rides.

Elevate Your Control: Elevate your scooter control with the Tilt Lightning Griptape. Experience the difference that quality griptape brings to your riding, allowing you to push boundaries with confidence.

Master Your Scooter: Redefine your scooter experience with the Tilt Lightning Griptape. Discover the grip, control, and reliability that support your journey to mastering scooter maneuvers and tricks.


Grit: No. 80 Fine
Size: 7.0 x 24.0"