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Introducing the Proto Scooter "Skeleton" Freestyle Scooter Griptape – a fusion of enhanced grip and style that elevates your freestyle scooter experience. Crafted by Proto Scooter, this griptape isn't just a necessity; it's a statement of improved control and personalized aesthetics.

Skeleton Design: The Proto Scooter "Skeleton" Griptape features a captivating skeleton design that adds a touch of edgy style to your scooter. It's not just griptape; it's a canvas for showcasing your unique personality.

Enhanced Control: Crafted for enhanced control, this griptape provides an excellent grip for your feet while performing tricks and maneuvers on your freestyle scooter. Experience the confidence that comes with reliable grip.

Proto Scooter Quality: Crafted by Proto Scooter, a brand known for its commitment to producing high-quality scooter components, this "Skeleton" Griptape reflects the brand's dedication to durability and performance.

Elevate Your Ride: Redefine your freestyle scooter experience with the Proto Scooter "Skeleton" Griptape. Experience the fusion of enhanced grip and personalized style that enhances your control and tricks.

Personalized Style: Embrace the edgy style of the Proto Scooter "Skeleton" Griptape. Elevate your scooter while showcasing your unique personality and adding a touch of flair to your ride, all while enjoying the reliable grip it provides.

Made in the USA

Brand : Proto
Model :Skeleton HD
Size : 7x 24 inch